Hawaiian Picnic Vegetables

A Drive to Kahuku Point
Stingrays, Squid and Starfish

Cooking Asian dishes with Asian eggplants

Asian Eggplants

This is a method he Kamai’ina or old-time Hawaiians used to fix vegetables for grilling at barbecues.

“Let’s drive out to around  Kahuku Point, out past Waiale’e. It’s one of my favorite beaches,” Cousin Hank said. “The road’s poor, but when you get there you can feel the way this whole coast used to be not so many years ago.”

We packed up the trunk of his old red Mustang with scuba gear, a folding hibachi, charcoal and food for a barbecue.  “In case we get hungry and it’s lunch time,” he said.

“This is the greatest beach, there’s squid and starfish. But you have to be careful walking careful on the sand.  Sometimes there’s stingrays underneath – they can be dangerous if you step on one.”

There were squid and starfish, but the stingrays were not in evidence.  Come lunch time, Hank built a fire in the folding hibachi and we grilled sticks of Beef Heart, or Anticuchos, and skewered the marinated Vegetables he had prepared and grilled those too.

This is what Hank used:

Hawaiian Picnic Vegetables



Using olive oil to cook Asian foods

Olive Oil

Zucchini — you could use other Squash
Olive Oil or other Salad Oil
Salt and Pepper
Limes or Lemons, optional



Earlier iun the day, before leaving the condo at Waianae, Hank marinated the Mushrooms and Eggplants in a simple Oil and Vinegar salad dressing.  He cut the Eggplants into long strips, because they wre large.  “If you have the small Oriental Eggplants, you could slice them into rounds about half an inch thick,” Hank said.

He sliced the Zucchini into rounds also about half an inch thick and seasoned them with a little Salt and Pepper and dotted them with some bits of Butter.

He cut the Potatoes into slices half an inch thick and sprinkled them with Salt and Pepper and a little Butter.


He arranged the Potato slices on foil sheets to make small packets, and sprinkled a little Lime Juice on the Zucchini slices. “It brings out the flavor. You can use any kind of Squash this way. And if you don’t have any Limes, Lemon Juice works too,” he said.

He wrapped up the other Vegetables in little foil packts and packed them with Beef Heart strips or Anticuchos in an insulated container.

At lunch time, we skewered the Beef Strips and Vegetables on bamboo skewers while the charcoal was burning down.

“This is an old Kamai’ina way of making Vegetables to grill on the barbecue We have some other favorites for picnics, like Potted Pork Chops or Grilled Bananas.

“The Beef Heart Strips are originally. a Peruvian recipe.  We learned it from Hanako San, a maid we had before the war, who made them this way.  Her family was from Okinawa originally, but some other relatives had migrated to Peru many years before.

“Those relatives later moved from Peru to Hawaii and lived with Hanako San’s family for a while. They brought some of their Peruvian recipes with them.  This was one of them.”

We grilled the Picnic Vegetables and the Anticuchos over the hot coals.  With some cold Primo Beer, it was a perfect picnic lunch.

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