Hawaiian Potted Pork Chops

Kamai’ina Picnic Favorite
Wrapped Meat

This is an Old Kamai’ina way of grilling Pork Chops or other Pork for a picnic and reflects the use of wrapping in old Hawaiian cuisine.

Hawaiian Potted Pork Chops


Thick Pork Chops or slices of Pork Butt
Rosemary, chopped
Banana Leaves or foil for wrapping


For each piece of Pork, use at least a scant handful of dried herbs.  Coat each piece of Pork with a combination of the herbs.  Stack and wrap in foil or Banana Leaves, seal securely and store overnight in the refrigerator.  Do not salt them.  Salt just before the meat is broiled or grilled.

This is a Hawaiian barbecue recipe.  At a picnic, it could be served accompanied by Baked Bananas for a simple outdoor meal.  You could also add dishes like Anticuchos and Hawaiian Picnic Vegetables for a more elaborate feast.

The same method also works well with Lamb Chops.

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