Indonesian Corn Fritters

Another Addictive Snack with Drinks
Bregedel Djagung

Canned corn


Like Indonesian Peanut Fritters, these are quick and easy to make and will soon become addictive, especially with drinks.  The name in Bahasa Indonesia means literally Corn Croquettes. At the E & O on Sutter Street in San Francisco, where the dish is a specialty of one of the chefs, the dish is called Indonesian Corn Fritters.

The spice Laos, called for in the recipe, is Greater Galangal, in the form of a powdered spice and sold in bottles.  There is no real substitute and it may be omitted if not available, but some Indonesian cooks abroad are known to substitute ground or fresh Ginger, a cousin of Galangal, when Galangal is not available.

Indonesian Corn Fritters

Bregedel Djagung



3 – 4 tablespoons  Sweet Corn. fresh, canned or frozen
½ teaspoon powdered Laos
1 Scallion
½ teaspoon Coriander
½ teaspoon Salt
½ teaspoon Black Pepper
¼ cup Flour
2 Eggs
Vegetable Oil for frying


First drain the Corn kernels well, then combine them with the cho.pped Scallion, Laos and Coriander, Salt, Pepper, Flour and Eggs.  Prepare a batter by mixing these ingredients.

Heat the Vegetable Oil in a pan and pour the batter into the pan by the tablespoon, forminglittle round cakes.  Fry one side for a minute or two until nicely browned, then turn over and fry the other side and serve.  This recipe makes about a dozen and a half delicious Corn Fritters.


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