Japanese Scrambled Eggs

These Eggs Stay Fluffy
Don’t Get Soggy or Mushy, Hours Later

making Fluffy Scrambled Eggs Bento Style

Fluffy Scrambled Eggs Bento Style

Recent Discoveries from Japan: Recent research in Japan by chefs, food chemists and home economists has focused on improving the cooking techniques for foods like Eggs, Chicken, Burgers, and Vegetables than go into box lunches, or Bento, which are typically eaten hours after being made, and often stored and transported at temperatures that are far from ideal.

Japanese consumers often complain about the quality of box lunches available  to them.  There’s nothing worse than a leathery burger, soggy vegetables, or greasy fried eggs in a lunch box.

Fortunately, help is available.  Some recent findings in Japan, based on application of chemistry and other science to food preparation, have application anywhere.  Hee’s one for Scrambled Eggs that can b e made in the morning and still taste good hours later. The secret in this case is the way of mixing the Eggs, which avoids beating too much air into the Eggs.  That tends to make them tough and leathery.

Also, very little Oil is used for scrambling, and a tiny quantity of Tomato Ketchup is used in the flavoring. It enhances the flavor of the Eggs but is not apparnet in the final result because the quantity is so small.

Fluffy Scrambled Eggs, Bento Style



Using tomato ketchup in cooking Asian foods

Tomato Ketchup

3 large Eggs
¼ cup Water
½ teaspoon Tomato Ketchup
2 teaspoons Soy Sauce
2 teaspoons Sugar
1 – 2 tablespoons Vegetable Oil for scrambling,
such as a mixture of Olive Oil and Sesame Oil


Using olive oil to cook Asian foods

Olive Oil

First, mix the Ketchup, Soy Sauce and Sugar in the Water.

Using a pair of cooking chopsticks, mix the Eggs, together with the Seasonings, in this special way: Don’t beat in a circular motion, which puts too much air into the Egg mixture. Instead, move the chopsticks back and forth 10 times in about 10 seconds, moving in a straight back-and-forth direction.

Then, rotate the bowl 90 degrees and beat again another 10 times in the same manner.  This will add just the right amount of air to the Eggs.  Total mixing time is about 20 seconds.

how to make Fluffy Scrambled Eggs Bengo Style

Fluffy Scrambled Eggs Bento Style

Next, heat the Oil in a frying pan for one minute, then add the Eggs which have just been whipped.  Cook until they become firm, and turn out onto a platter.  These are often cut into thin slices for adding to a Bento lunch, for example, as a topping fofr  Rice.

For Further Information:

Cooking background based on research by Prof. Nariko Ueda of Women’s Nutrition University, Saitama Prefecture, Japan, as reported on NHK television science news, October 2012.

Maneki Neko, the Japanese Beckonong Ca###

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