Lassi लस्सी

A Cooling Drink at Meal TimeBuddha Meditating, Indian 12th c.

Lassi लस्सी is a popular refreshing drink commonly served with meals in many parts of India.  It is basically Yogurt thinned with water and with spices such as Salt and Pepper added.

Lassi has its origins in the Punjab region, but is widely served in other regions of South Asia as well as the Indian Diaspora overseas. Together with Tea, it is probably the most popular beverage in Indian Cuisine.

Lassi is a healthy and refreshing drink.  It is easy to make.




4 tablespoons Yogurt
1 pint ice Water
Salt and Pepper to taste


Beat the Yogurt until it is smooth.  A kitchen whisk works well for this.  Add the cold Water gradually, beating in until smooth and incorporate the Salt and Pepper.  This recipe will be about the right quantity for serving 1 person.  This salted version is the popular variety in North India.  There are several variations possible, including ones with added Sugar to make a sweet drink.

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