Lychees Jubilee

Kamai’ina Favorite
A Special Occasion Dessert

Canned litchi fruit, ingredient in Litchi Ice Cream

Canned Litchi Fruit

Flaming Lychee fruit to pour over desserts was a favorite among my Kamai’ina relatives in the 1970s.  It was treated as a State Secret by the makers, but I finally wormed out a recipe from one of them.  Like many Hawaiian dishes it combines Western elements with ones characteristic of the Pacific Rim, in this case, Lychee, the supreme fruit of China.

Lychee Jubilee



How to make Indonesian peanut sauce


Juice of one Orange
Juice of one Lemon
½ teaspoon shredded Orange Peel
½ teaspoon shredded lemon peel
1 tablespoon Cornstarach
2 teaspoons Butter
4 teaspoons Sugar
1 14-ounce can of Lychees
½ ounce Kirsch Liqueur (may substitute Yellow Chartreuse, but not as good)
1 ounce of Brandy for flaming


cooking with litchi fruit

Litchi Fruit jn Syrup

First cut the Lychees in half and remove the seed membranes.

Next combine the Sugar with the Butter.  Add the Lemon and Orange eel and Juices.  Simmer fr a few minutes until the mixture jells.

Next add the Lychees with a teaspoon of Lychee Juice, Cornstarch and the Kirsch.

Simmer for a few minutes more until clear and slightly thickened.

Heat the brandy until it is warm, then light it with a match and then pour it flaming over the mixture.  Or the whole thing may be done at the table in a chafing dish if desired.

This was commonly served over Vanilla Ice Cream.  Serves r.


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