Maile Strawberry Dessert

New Year’s in Honolulu, 1972

Here’s a Hawaiian Fusion dessert from the 1970s.   About the only local element may be the Strawberries: According to Whitney’s Guide, Strawberries were well established in Hawaii by the 1870s.  Of course virtually all plants and animals we think of as Hawaiian actually originated elsewhere and migrated to the Islands.

Maile Strawberry Dessert



Fresh Strawberries
Banana Liqueur


Combine the Strawberries with the Banana Liqueur and serve.

An article in the Honolulu Advertiser Star-Bulletin from early 1972 describes a New Year’s meal at Honolulu’s Maile Restaurant: “Beef Wellington with truffle sauce, roast potatoes, tomato with chanterelles and fresh glazed cucumbers, or roast duckling with Bing cherries and buttered Brussels sprouts.  Dessert will be fresh strawberries in banana liqueur and petit fours.”


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