Memmi Sauce 麪 味

How to use Japanese Memmi Soup Base


Memmi sauce is a concentrated Japanese soup base used to intensify the flavor of hot and cold noodle dishes.

Memmi also has other uses and is used by Japanese cooks to enhance the flavor of a variety of cooked dishes, such as soups and stews.

The name Memmi comes from the Japanese characters for “noodle” and “flavor,” so the meaning is something like “noodle flavoring” or “noodle flavor enhancer.”

Many Japanese families make their own sauce for Noodles, or Mentsuyu, and there are a number of recipes.

The reason Kikkoman’s Memmi sauce works so well is its effective umami or taste sensation, which probable results from a combination of Bonito flakes and Kikkoman’s own Soy Sauce.

If you cannot find Memmi in your local Asian market, Amazon sells it through their online Asian grocery operation.

There are many recipes available using Memmi to enhance the flavor of Asian and other foods, notably Web sites of Sunset Magazine, some individual Web sites, and Kikkoman, which provides a list of possible uses for the sauce on a dedicated Web site.

Japanese cooking maven Joan Itoh has also contributed a recipe for a Bean Sprout Relish for burgers using Memmi. That version would go well with some of the Japanese Burger recipes for use in Bento lunches.

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