Miso Soup with Cabbage

This Soup Often Appears at Breakfast

This basic Japanese soup is based on Miso Paste diluted with Dashi, the basic Japanese soup stock, with Bean Curd and Cabbage providing additional Protein and Vitamins.  A very healthy combination and quickly made.

Miso Soup with Cabbage



2 squares Fried Bean Curd (Aburage)
8 ounces shredded Cabbage
4 ounces Miso, preferably Red Miso Paste
2 pints Dashi Stock


First shred the Bean Curd (Aburage – get from Asian market).  Shred the Cabbage.  Mix the shredded Bean Curd and shredded Cabbage.  Set aside

Dilute the Miso with a little of the Dashi Stock.

Add the rest of the Dashi and dilute the Miso completely in the stock.  Mix in the shredded Mixture.

Heat to the boiling point and serve.  Adapted from Joan Itoh.


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