Poke Smoked Salmon

Hawaiian Fish Salad
Low in Calories, Higher in Salt

Cooking Asian dishes with onionsPoke is the Hawaiian name for a Fish Salad, normally made with raw Fish, and so a bit like Japanese Sashimi or Chirashi Sushi.  It is usually more highly seasoned however.

Poke is rather low in calories, but due to the types of Fish used and seasonings, it may sometimes be a bit high in Salt content.

Poke is one of the important main dishes in Hawaiian cuisine.  Not everyone will care for the raw fish — just as with Japanese Sushi and Sashimi — but most people seem to enjoy this recipe, which uses Smoked Salmon.

Poke Smoked Salmon



Long Onions - Naga Negi1 pound Smoked Salmon
Kosher or Sea Salt to taste
½ teaspoon Hot Red Pepper Flakes, or to taste
1 green Onion (Scallion), chopped
1 small sweet white Onion, thinly sliced


First, slice the Salmon across the grain into thin slices.

Combine the Salt and Red Pepper Flakes.

Sprinkle these over the Salmon, then add Green Onion and toss.

Top with sliced White Onion.

This recipe makes about 8 appetizer servings.

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