Pressed Ginger Pork

A Fusion Approach
Ginger + Shaoxing + Sichuan Pepper

Using Sichuan pepper, hua jiao, to cook delicious Sichuan dishes

Sichuan Pepper, Hua Jiao

This is a convenient Fusion concept for an appetizer that can be made in advance.  The flavor notes are an unusual  combination of Ginger with Shaoxing Wine and Sichuan Pepper.

Actual cooking time is not long, but you have to marinate and chill and press it for quid a while

Pressed Ginger Pork

Asian Fusion


Cooking Asian dishes with fresh ginger


1 fresh boneless Pork Ham or Pork Butt, 2 pounds
1½ tablespoons Sichuan Peppers
1½ tablespoons coarse Salt, such as Sea Salt
6 cups boiling Water
4 – 5 slices Ginger root
2 Green Onions
2 tablespoons Shaoxing Wine
½ cup Soy Sauce
2 teaspoons minced fresh Ginger root
1 teaspoon Sugar
1 more tablespoon Shaoxing Wine


Shaoxing WineFirst cut the Meat into 2 large pieces.

Next in a small dry skillet over medium fire, heat the Sichun Peppers, stirring constantly for 3 minutes.  Don’t let them burn.  After roasting, then them cool.  Grind the Sichuan Peppers in a mortar and pestle or pepper mill to a fine powder.  Mix with the Salt.

Rub this mixture all over the surface of the Meat.  Keep in the refrigerator   3 days, turning every day to  add more dry Pepper and Salt mixture as necessary, to keep the meat well coated.

After three days in the refrigerator, cook the Pork with the boiling Water, adding the Ginger slices, Green Onion and Shaoxing Wine.  Cook over medium fire n hour, or until the Meat juices are no longer red when the Meat is pierced with a skewer.

Remove the Pork from the cooking liquid and drain thorough.y.  Wrap the meat in a yard of food-grade cheesecloth.  Put on a rack in a roasting pan and  top with a foil-wrapped brick or similar heavy object.

Refrigerate the Meat until it is firm.  This would take about two hours.

To serve, combine the Soy  Sauce, Sugar and minced fresh Ginger with 1 more tablespoon Shaoxing Wine to form a dip.

Slice the Meat thinly and serve with the dip.

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