Rice Dispensers

An Answer to the Storage Problem
From Zojirushi to Tupperware

Rice dispenser kitchen appliance for rice storage

Rice Dispenser

Buying Rice in bulk saves time and money. But how do you store it at home? And it can be a hassle to wrestle open the big rice sack just to get a cup of rice. And there’s mold, mice, dust, and the list goes on.

Rice Dispensers are a form of kitchen equipment that’s getting more popular.  They are used to store rice after you have bought it and brought it home.These boxes do two things:

  • keep the Rice clean, dry and safe from harmful contaminants such as mice and other vermin and mold’
  • make it easy and convenient for the cook to dispense rice in the right amounts for cooking.

Wooden Rice storage boxes have been around for some time in Japan.  They are attractive and high priced.

In recent years, some house wares makers, specially in Japan, have been offering lower price and well designed alternatives.

These boxes are made of stainless steel or safe forms of plastic. They are often translucent or with a window so you can see how much rice is left inside. Some models have a small drawer to remove the amount of rice needed for cooking.

Some models have an automatic dispenser to make it easier to measure out the exact number of cups of rice needed.

Rice dispensers keep rice fresh, dry and safe and are good for people or families who use a lot of Rice.

Some families who use a lot of more than one kind of Rice even have more than one dispenser — for Brown Rice, standard White Rice and so on.

A typical footprint for a Rice Dispenser could be 7 or 8 inches wide and 18 inches or less deep. So they don’t take up a lot of space on the shelf or floor.  They typically stand less than 18 inches high.

Capacity — a 22-pound capacity is common.  This will easily hold the contents of a 15 pound Rice bag.

Pricing — Rice Dispensers go for under a hundred dollars retail, though cheaper models are available and you can pay a lot more for deluxe versions. And there are the big industrial models that restaurants use.

Sources — If you are in the market for one, Asian markets and places that sell Asian hardware and kitchen wares. Also, the big supermarket chains like Super H Mart and Mitsuwa. A search on the Internet will show what is available from the major Asian house ware makers.

Brands — There are a wide range of models with a variety of special features from well known suppliers including Tiger, Zojirushi, Sunpentown, Tupperware, and other leading house ware brands.

For further information:

[1] H Mart – have online sales — http://www.hmart.com/

[2] Mitsuwa Marketplace  http://www.mitsuwa.com/english/tplace —

[3] Tiger  http://www.http://www.amazon.com/Tiger-Rice-Dispenser-70-LBS-White/dp/B005QFFDYW

[4] Zojirushi  http://www.http://www.tupperwarebrands.com.my/~tupmas/rice_dispenser.phpzojirushi.com/

[5] Sunpentown   —   http://www.amazon.com/Sunpentown-SC-12-26-Pound-Rice-Dispenser/dp/B000PSB4S4

[6] Tupperware  http://www.tupperwarebrands.com.my/~tupmas/rice_dispenser.php


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  3. Do you know where I can by the rice dispenser you have in your picture?
    I believe its model: 11kg Rice Dispenser Heap Seng Group Pte Ltd (Tiger Japan)

    • In North America in Asian supermarkets like the Han Ah Reum chain of Korean markets, the Japanese supermarket chain Mitsuwa in various cities. And also online though Amazon andother third-party vendors. Hope this helps you.

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