Roast Beef, Japanese Style

Perfect Roast Beef in Three Minutes
New Flash-Cooking Recipe

How to roast beef in 3 minutes, Japanese style

Roast Beef

After the  great earthquake and tsunami in the Fukushima region in 2011, there was a great focus in Japan on reducing energy consumption.

Japanese cooks were looking for ways to reduce energy use in the kitchen. And also to keep kitchens cooler by cooking dishes very fast, so as not to heat up the kitchen during warm weather.

A flurry of flash-cooking recipes resulted.

This recipe cooks Roast Beef in 3 minutes.  You do have to follow certain specific rules, based on applied physics and chemistry.  But it works, and the result is delicious!

Of course, there’s the searing and resting time, but total cooking time is  significantly shorter than other methods.  And no need to heat the oven.  One of the skillets with tight-fitting lids, preferably clear, like the ones in the Martha Stewart line, works perfectly for this.

Roast Beef, Japanese



2 pound cut of Beef, such as Filet Mignon, or other high-quality cut
1 tablespoon Vegetable Oil
3 tablespoons Water
Salt, Black Pepper to taste


First, prick the Beef on both sides with a sharp skewer or kitchen fork, 19 — 20 times  times on each side.  This will permit the Water to penetrate more deeply and result in a more tender end result.

Season the Beef with Salt and Pepper.

Preheat the frying pan over a high flame.

Add 1 tablespoons Vegetable Oil to the hot frying pan.

Sear the Beef on all sides for 4 minutes until it is well-browned.

Pour any excess fat from the pan, and wipe the pan with a paper towel.Add 3 tablespoons of Water to the pan and cover it immediately,  keeping the fire high all the time.

Cook the Beef, covered, over high flame, for 3 minutes.  Do not under any circumstances, open the lid.

Turn off the fire.  Let the pan stand, still covered, for 30 minutes after removing grom the fire.  You can set the pan on a trivet.  Do not open the cover during this time.

The rules regarding quantities and timings have to be followed exactly, and you must resist the impulse to open the lid of the pan.

At the end of 30 minutes, open the cover and slice and serve the Beef.

Japanese Style Roast Beef

Japanese Style Roast Beef, Prepared by Flash-Cooking Method

The result is tender, thoroughly-cooked meat, not greasy or bloody, and very slightly pink in the center.

This is a useful recipe at times when you are in a hurry and also in warm weather when you are interested in keeping the kitchen cool.

A number of these special flash-cooking recipes emerged in Japanese cuisine  in the post-Fukushima earthquake days, for instance, one for making Boiled Eggs using only 3 tablespoons of Water and cooking for only 2 minutes.

Other recipes in this Flash Cooking area include White Rice cooked in a few minutes in a skillet, Steamed Broccoli and Fried Vegetables.

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  7. The Japanese culture is so very different than ‘ours’. Of course it is a culture a BIT older than ours. Everyone is raised ‘on the same page’…less need to make a rule or law about every little thing. Everyone knows the rules.

    Everyone works together, better than we do in this country (United States Corporation). How amazing to come up with these recipes that use so little heat in such a short time.

    I just hope GMO rice hasn’t been developed yet. Japan must be smart enough to not allow GMO foods of any kind?

    I am wondering if this works with a pork shoulder roast? Just beef? Is there a fish recipe? Learn something everyday!

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