Shanghai Fried Rice

Cooked with Salt Pork and Bok Choy
The Best Version

Bento Mushrooms - Shiitake mushrooms prepared for bento

Fried Rice is enjoyed all over Shamghai in many versions.  Really a mainstay of everyday Chinese Cuisine.This one is based on what Fuchsia Dunlop thought was the best she had eaten and is based on the way it was served in a small diner in a back alley not far from Nanjing Road. The Shiitake Mushrooms may be a key ingredient

Shanghai Fried Rice



4 dried Shiitake Mushrooms
½ small Red Onion
4 ounces fresh Bacon, Salt Pork or Pancetta
10 ounces Green Bok Choy/ Bai Cai  (3 or 4 heads)
3 cups cooked and cooled white Rice
2 tablespoons Lard or other Oil
1 tablespoon finely chopped Ginger
Salt, White Pepper to taste
1 teaspoon Sesame Oil


First cook the Mushrooms in boiling water.  Let them soak half an hour.

Meanwhile, chop the Onion finely.  Remove any rind from the Pork.  Chop in dice.  Chop the Bok Choy in a dice, a bit more coarsely than the other ingredients.  Remove stalks from soaked Mujshrooms and dice the caps.  Break the Rice up into small clumps.

Heat a wok over medium fire.  When hot, put in the Lard or Oil.  When the Oil is  hot, put in the Pork and Onion and stir-fry until the Onion is tender and the Pork is fragrant but not brown.  Then add the Mushrooms and Ginger.  Increase the fire to high and site-fry briefly  until fragrant.

Put in the Rice and stir-fry over big fire, breaking it up further as you go.  Wen the rice is piping  hot and smells fragrant, season with Salt and White Pepper.

Put in the Bok Choy and continue to Stir-Fry until the vegetables are also hot and just cooked.  Remove from fire.  Stir in Sesame Oil and serve.


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