Steamed Bread

An Improved Version of An Pan あんパン
One Minute Cooking Time

This  is a Japanese way of steaming Japanese style stuffed Bread Rolls, such as An Pan  あんパン, the popular Bread Roll stuffed with Sweet Bean Paste,or other flavored stuffed rolls.  It belongs to the flash-cooking recipes that evolved in the aftermath of the 2011 Kanto Earthquake, when Japanese cooks were looking for ways to cook more quickly and using less energy, using principles of applied physics.

Of course, strictly speaking, Japanese stuffed bread rolls don’t absolutely need to be cooked at all, but cooks — and diners — felt this method enhanced the flavor of the final product.

Steamed Bread



1 serving of Stuffed Break Roll, Japanese style, such as An Pan  あんパン
1 tablespoon water


Heat a frying pan to hot.

Put in the bread or roll.  Add 1 tablespoon water and heat 1 minute over medium-high heat.

Turn off the fire and keep covered for 5 minutes.  Remove the cover and serve.

This category of flash-cooking in modern Japanese cuisine includes other recipes like Roast Beef, cooked in 2 minutes; Boiled Eggs cooked in a special quick technique; and White Rice cooked in a few minutes in a small amount of water without the Rice Cooker.


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