Sushi for a Group

A Sushi Buffet
Tuna, Shrimp, Wasabi, Nori are Keys

California Maki Sushi

Sushi is a favorite category in Japanese cuisine for many people. Here”s a way to serve Sushi buffet-size for a group of friends.  This is a simple Temaki Sushi for a group. This will serve around 10 people, but you will want to add a couple of other Sushi dishes, prepared ahead of time, to complete the buffet style Sushi party.

Temaki Sushi 手巻き寿司  for a Group



20 ounces raw fish, such as Tuna, Yellow Fish or a mixture of these
1 pound cooked Shrimp, cooked

Nori edible seaweed

Korean Edible Laver

1 package Nori
4 cups cooked Sushi Rice
1 tube Wasabi paste

Using wasabi powder in the Japanese kitchen

Wasabi –

1 package Shiso (Perilla or Beefsteak) leaves
1 package fresh Radish Sprouts
2 Japanese style Cucumbers
2 Avocados
Soy Sauce, preferably Japanese, like Kikkoman
1 package Sweet and Sour Ginger Slices, Pink Ginger

You will need a supply of small dishes to hold the Soy Sauce for individual dippling.

First, the Avocados should be peeled and cut into thin lengthwise strips about a quarter inch wide.

Wash the Cucumbers but leave them unpeeled and cut into thin julienne, like matchsticks

The raw Fish could be Tuna, Yellow Fish, or a mixture of these, as desired.  Cut it into thin, long pieces.  About 1 ounce will be used per Temaki 手巻きroll.

The Nori should come in sheets each about 8 inches square, usually 10 sheets to a package.  Cut the Nori sheets in half and you will have a pile of 20 sheets, each 4 by 8 inches.

Wasabi comes in tubes like toothpaste or some Mayonnaise.  Or you can make your own by using the canned, dry Wasabi powder and mixing it with a few drops of water or a mixture of water and Sake, to reconstitute a thick, but smooth Wasabi paste.

You will use about 1 ounce for each roll.  You can substitute by Surimi or Imitation Crab, or Salmon Roe (Ikura), or a combination of these, as you desire.

For the Soy Sauce, it is important to use the Japanese variety, not the darker, heavier Chinese type.  Put some of the Soy Sauce in the individual dipping dishes and arrange a supply of Waribashi, or disposable wooden chopsticks, nearby.

To make the Temaki Sushi, lay a half sheet of Nori on your left hand, then spoon about 2 to 3 tablespoons Sushi Rice into the center of the Nori.  Spread the Rice flat and vertical down the center of the Nori.

Take a very small dab of Wasabi and brush it down the center of the rice. You can use your fingers if you desire.

Next, arrange a thin strip of raw or cooked fish on the Wasabi. Top the Fish with a thin lineof Avocado slices, a few pieces of Shiso leaf, some Raadish Sprouts and a thin strips of the Japanese Cucumber.

Finally, roll the Nori into a cone shape and pinch or twist the bottom properly to be sure it stays closed.

Before taking your first bite, dip the roll into the Soy Sauce. Between bites of the Temaki Rolls, you can use a bit of the sweet and sour Ginger slices as a palate cleanser between bites of the Temaki Rolls.

This recipe makes two Temaki Rolls per person for a group of ten people.  To make a complete Sushi buffet party, you can make at least two other varieties in advance and then put them out on the buffet table on platters. These could include any varieties you like. Nigiri Sushi, California Rolls,and  Inarizushi.are popular classics that would work well in this setting.


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