Pineapple and Bananas with Ginger Cream Sauce

Sour Cream and Yogurt Showcase the Ginger
Echoes of Seville



This simple Asian Fusion dessert combines Pineapples and Bananas with some Western ingredients like Sour Cream and Yogurt very effectively.  Butter is another Western touch, along with the Orange Marmelade.  While any Orange Marmelade will work, one made with bitter Continue reading

Banana Chocolate Spring Rolls

Decadent Dessert Spring Rolls
With an American Twist


Cocoa Powder

In the Philippines, dessert Spring Rolls might contain bits of Banana or Jackfruit.  This version, which uses Chocolate and Cocoa, is Continue reading

Maile Strawberry Dessert

New Year’s in Honolulu, 1972

Here’s a Hawaiian Fusion dessert from the 1970s.   About the only local element may be the Strawberries: According to Whitney’s Guide, Strawberries were well established in Hawaii by the 1870s.  Of course virtually all plants and animals we think of as Hawaiian actually originated elsewhere and migrated to the Islands. Continue reading

Fried Bananas (Pisang Banana)

A Snack or Dessert
With Coffee or Rijsttafel

Using bananas in Vietnamese cuisineFried Bananas are a popular snack in Indonesian Cuisine, commonly paired with a cup of Coffee or Tea at the Coffee or Tea break, or they may be served as a dessert with the Rijstaffelor Rice Table, which usually just Continue reading

Baked Bananas, Hawaiian Style

A Simple Dessert for a Picnic
Ideal for Hibachi

Bananas 2


This is a simple dessert for an outdoor cooked meal.

Baked Bananas



1 cooking Banana per person



Wrap the Bananas in foil together and lay on a hibachi grill over hot coals.  Turn frequently, so Continue reading

Bananas at Their Best

Great-Tasting Bananas
Three Times the Shelf Lif

Using bananas in Vietnamese cuisineEveryone seems to love Bananas, from the tropical zones, many in Asia, where they are grown and eaten, and the Temperate zones all over the world, where they are a favored fruit.

In fact, in Japan, Bananas are the No. 1 preferred fruit, according to recent consumer research.

Continue reading

Thai Cuisine

Hot, Sweet, Salty, Sour and Bitter
Variety in Flavor, Ingredients, Color

“Food is eaten not just for nourishment. For a Thai, it is an art, a topic of conversation, a source of pleasure.” — Kreesnee Ruangkritya [1]

Deva sculpture, Thailand 15th century

Deva, Thailand, 15th cent.

The core concepts of Thai cooking are hot, sweet, salty, sour and bitter.  A well-designed meal offers a variety in flavors, preparation methods, ingredients, and color.

So if a Red Curry is the main dish, the cook woul Continue reading

Indonesian Cuisine

A Nation of Islands
Rijsttafel, Sate, and Sambals

“Indonesia isn’t a country, it’s a happening.” — Christopher Lucas [1]

Garjda, Indonesia 14th cent.

Garuda, Indonesia, 14th cent.

Indonesia stretches from the Asian mainland towards Australia, like a jade necklace across the southern ocean.  The nation contains more than 17,000 islands, and its people represent several hundred ethnic groups, speaking many different languages.

Indonesia is an ancient country and its Continue reading