Rice Cakes with Cheese

A Silk Road Favorite
Panko Meets Mozzarella

Panko, Japanese style break crumbs


This Afghan dish is typical of the cuisine of the Silk Road.  The recipe is adapted from the version served as the Gandarmack Lodge in Kabul. It is basically a Risotto.  Different types of Rice Continue reading

Tomatoes Stuffed with Basmati Rice

A Pure Vegetarian Dish
Tomatoes Meet Tomato Purée Meets Saffron

How to cook delicious and healthy Asian dishes using tomatoes


This vegetarian recipe from Amritsar, India, uses Basmati Rice. If other varieties of Rice are used instead, the cooking time can be shortened, but the result will be different. Of course Basmati Rice is superior!



Tomatoes Stuffed with Basmati Rice



2 cups Basmati Rice (16 ounces) Continue reading

Basmati Rice ( बास्मती)

Unique Rice Variety
Greatest Long-Grain Rice

How to cook delicious Asian dishes with Basmati Rice

Basmati Rice

Basmati बास्मती)Rice, which comes from India and Pakistan, is one of the very special rice varieties, and highly prized for its texture and fragrance.

Basmati Rice is different from every other Rice in the world.

Basmati Rice is available in both brown and white varieties. It is unusual in that it does not expand when it cooks, but the grains lengthen.  It is prized for its nutty Continue reading

Rice I

The First Cross-Cultural Food
More Precious than the Ya-Hu Pearl

“What I call a gem is rice.  If there is rice, the people are quiet; if there is no rice, the countryside revolts. Is it not better than the Ya-Hu pearl?” — Shang Wen


Rice - Tsuru Mai Brand

Rice – Tsuru Mai

Rice Basics: For centuries, rice has held an almost mystical significance in a large part of Asia.

Rice is the main staple food of at least 17 Pacific Rim countries. It is also an important food in parts of Africa, the Middle East, Latin American and the Caribbean.

Rice amounts to about one-fifth of all the calories consumed by human being worldwide. Continue reading