Japanese Curry Soup / カレースープ

A Breakfast Dish
A Politician’s Slimming Secret\


Curry Roux – Japanese Curry Roux

Curry Soup may seem to be an unusual dish for breakfast.  And Curry itself is not particularly associated with Japanese cuisine, unless we count Curry Rice, a kind of Home Cooking or Continue reading

Saba with a Western Flavor / サバの西洋風

A Japanese Fusion Dish
For Mackerel — Saba or Samma

Panko, Japanese style break crumbs


This Japanese Fusion dish for Mackerel is based on a version originally received from Joan Itoh in the seventies.  It would Continue reading

Rice Cakes with Cheese

A Silk Road Favorite
Panko Meets Mozzarella

Panko, Japanese style break crumbs


This Afghan dish is typical of the cuisine of the Silk Road.  The recipe is adapted from the version served as the Gandarmack Lodge in Kabul. It is basically a Risotto.  Different types of Rice Continue reading

Spaghetti in a Minute

Al Dente in 60 Seconds
A Nouvelle Japanese Technique

Wow! I could hardly believe my taste buds! From nothing to al dente in just 60 seconds.  This is totally awesome!” — Jennifer Chase

Spaghetti in a Minute

Al Dente after 1 Minute

This special way of making spaghetti in just a minute of boiling is one of a class of new recipes some Japanese cooks have developed after the 2011 earthquake disaster in Fukushima Prefecture

Since that time, there has been a real concern about energy Continue reading