Jam Drops

Jane Austen in Singapore
An English Influence

Jam Drops, an English-inspired dish

Jam Drops

Jam Drops are a Singaporean sweet treat to serve with Tea. They show the English influence in the cooking of the Republic.

The recipe is adapted from Ellice Handy, who got it from Sophia Blackmore, a Methodist missionary who helped found the Methodist Girls School in Singapore in the late 19th century. So the origins are definitely English and probably from Jane Austen’s England. Continue reading

Chicken Teriyaki Another Way

How to use Soy Sauce


Fresh Ginger

Not Sugary or Syrupy
Ginger Meets Soy Meets Mirin

A classic of Japanese cuisine. For many people the term Teriyaki connotes dishes cooked ina  sugary, syrupy sauce.  But this need not be so.  Here’s a simple recipe, based on a Ginger-Soy Sauce-Mirin marinade that provides sufficient sweetness from the Mirin without any added sugar. Recipe adapted from Nancy Singleton Hachisu Continue reading

Chicken Milk Curry

Milk Meets Lemon Juice Meets Almonds
A Delicate Curry with a Southern FlHow to make Indian Chicken Milk Curryavor

If you put Lemon Juice in Milk,  it will curdle and make a mess, right?  Yet, if you follow the directions for this Indian Curry Chicken dish, that does not happen. Like many classic Indian dishes, there are rather many ingredients and a precise order of combining them.

In practice, this dish is not too difficult to put together.   The result is mildly spicy and with  a delicate, subtle Continue reading

Chicken Teriyaki

Glazed Grill
A Classic Preparation

“One of the most Americanized of all Japanese recipes is teriyaki.” — Karen Green


How to use Soy Sauce

Soy Sauce

In America, the term teriyaki has come to refer to food that has been marinated in a sweet Soy marinade, then grilled or broiled.  In Japanese cuisine, the concept is the opposite: Food is grilled or broiled, then a sweetened Soy Sauce based glaze is brushed on the food as a final touch.  Its purpose is to seal in the juices in the grilled food.

The Japanese term teriyaki comes from the words teru ‘to shine’ and yaku ‘to grill.’ Elizabeth Andoh explains that the term really means “glazed: and :seared with heat,” so basically “glazed grill.” Continue reading

Chicken Adobo

A Fiesta Favorite
Coconut Milk Meets Soy Sauce;  Garlic Meets Vinegar

Cooking with Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk

Adobo-style cooking is a classic Filipino kitchen technique. Adobo dishes appear at Fiestas and also on the Sunday table. Adobo style is a kind of national dish of the Philippines. Continue reading

Shrimp on Crab Legs

Sea Ghost Fingers
A Special Appetizer

Cooking with Vietnamese Nuoc Mam Fish Sauce

Three Crabs Brand Fish Sauce

This classic Vietnamese appetizer makes a starter for 10 people. Recipe adapted from Bach Ngo.

Shrimp on Crab Legs

Cang Cua Boc Tom Continue reading

Steamed Bread

An Improved Version of An Pan あんパン
One Minute Cooking Time

This  is a Japanese way of steaming Japanese style stuffed Bread Rolls, such as An Pan  あんパン, the popular Bread Roll stuffed with Sweet Bean Paste,or other flavored stuffed rolls.  It belongs to the flash-cooking recipes that evolved in the aftermath of the 2011 Kanto Earthquake, when Japanese cooks were looking for ways to cook more quickly and using less energy, using principles of applied physics. Continue reading

Chicken Stock

Good for Teriyaki or Soup
Nobu’s Chicken Stock

Cooking with fresh ginger

Fresh Ginger

This way of making Chicken Stock is from Nobu Matsuhisa’s Restaurant Nobu in New York and has been called Nobu’s Chicken Stock.  He uses this stock to prepare Chicken Teriyaki at Nobu’s, but it would also work as a soup base or for a variety of vegetable dishes. Continue reading

Meat Dumplings (Siu Mai) 燒賣

A Cantonese Classic Dim Sum Pastry
A Japanese Take on a Chinese Favorite

Shu Mai/Sio Mai, Frozen

Shu Mai/Siu Mai, Frozen

Here;s a Japanese way of preparing the Chinese Meat Dumplings called Siu Mai using the minimum of heat and energy. This is another of the recipes circulating in Japan in the aftermath of the 2011 Kanto Earthquake, when cooks were looking for ways to reduce energy use in the kitchen and also to avoid heating up kitchens.

The result was a group of recipes for flash cooking techniques using applied physics to shorten cooking time while preserving the natural flavors of food.  This is not a recipe for making Siu Mai from scratch, but rather for preparing the frozen variety, available in many Continue reading

Cold Cucumber Soup

Fresh Greens, Cayenne and Rice Vinegar
No Cooking Required

Cold Cucumber Soup, a Fusion Dish

Cold Cucumber Soup

This simple and refreshing soup is ideal for hot weather: as long as you use ready-made Chicken Stock and don’t have to make from scratch, it can be assembled totally without any use of heat in the kitchen.

This recipe will make about 4 servings, and total preparation and chilling time is about half an hour.

Continue reading