The Biggest Citrus Fruit
Captain Shaddock’s Trophy

“In the southern provinces, there are pomelos, a drier kind of grapefruit.” — Buwei Yang Chao

What You Need To Know About Pomelos:  Pomelos  are a delicious Asian fruit, with nutrition and health benefits and an important Continue reading

Clay Pots / Chậu đất sét

Clay Pots and Cooking
Flavors Captured in a Pot

Cooking Vietnamese, Southeast Asian dishes in clay pots

Clay Pots

You’ll see them in Asian markets, in a variety of sizes, often with metallic rings holding them together. Are these any good for cooking? [1]

Some people think so. As Charles Phan, owner of the Slanted Door restaurant in San Francisco, says Continue reading

Charles Phan


Vietnam on the Embarcadero
Bill Clinton’s Favorite

Cooking with clay plots

Clay Pots

Even presidents head for Charles Phan’s Slanted Door Restaurant on San Francisco’s Embarcadero.  Or anyway President Bill Clinton had the Vietnamese restaurant on his to-do Continue reading