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Fusion Temple to Noodle Boutique
Master of the Slurping Turtle

“Despite being in a mall food court, the ramen here will satisfy your craving.” — Chicago diner

Japanese Shio Ramen - Tonkotsu TypeAs a child in Japan, Takashi Yagibashi could not afford to eat meat.  But “fish was very cheap,” he says. [1]

And he says he first started to cook to get money to buy milk. [2]

Talashi went on to study cooking, master French cuisine, and open Tribute, a French Fusion restaurant in Detroit.  The New York Times called it the best restaurant between New York and Chicago.

Takashi later opened Japanese restaurant Okada in Wynn’s Las Vegas casino. [3]

He has served as a consultant for the Macy’s department store chain and opened a noodle boutique in a Macy department store.  Noodles by Takashi in the Chicago Macy’s on State Street gives Chicagoans an idea of how authentic Japanese noodles taste. [4]

Despite its food-court location, the noodle bar is a destination, especially at noon for workers in Chicago’s Loop.  One diner said, “The ramen here will satisfy your craving.  I only wish they would let you call in your order.”

His Takashi Restaurant on Chicago’s North Side is an izakaya or Japanese-style pub serving classic Japanese dishes, including ones like steak cooked with wasabi and potatoes cooked with miso. [5]

Takashi’s menu also includes other noodle dishes, such as udon and somen.  He has now published several of his favorite recipes online. [6]

Takashi has opened another noodle boutique serving Japanese comfort food in Chicago, the Slurping Turtle.  It draws diners ranging from adventurous yuppies to Japanese buisnessmen, who tend to favor its Bento box meals. [7]A signature note at Slurping Turtle is French fries cooked in duck fat.

Takashi is one of the Master Chefs with special expertise in Asian noodles, like ramen, oden and soba. He is one of those cooks who elevate humble noodle dishes to the class of haute cuisine.

His range runs from high-level French fusion cuisine to the humble noodle, elevated to the Tanpopo level.

And he has written a book, Takashi’s Noodles, giving the secrets to some of his winning noodle dishes. [8]

Recently, at his Slurping Turtle location, Takahashi has been featuring Japanese comfort food, including Soy Marinated Salmon with Daikon Salad and a Crispy Ramen Stir Fry, which incorporates Scallions, Squid, Octopus, Shrimp, Scallions and Quail Eggs

Fusion Tendencies: To celebrate the fifth anniversary of his Chicago restaurant Takashi, Yagihashi  arranged a three-course menu featuring options such as Chicken in a clay pot, Roasted Potato-Crusted Scottish Salmon with Pinot Noir reduction or Mugifugi Pork Loin served two ways. The Pan-Asian and wider Fusion aspects are evident here.

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