Tempura Soba

Light Lunch Japanese Style
Good for Summer


For this Japanese dish, prepare a Soba Buckwheat Noodles in the usual way, and augment with some Tempura style Pawns prepared in this simple way.

Tempura Soba



2 large Prawns per person
Vegetable oil, enough to fry Prawns
For the batter: 1 Egg, 4 ounces Unbleached Flour and 1 cup cold Water
Long Onions sliced finely for garnish


Prepare the Soba in the usual way and reserve.

Make the batter by mixing Flour, Egg and Water together, whisking lightly, without trying to make the mixture too smooth.  A few lumps won’t matter as Tempura Batter is intended to use immediately after making.  So don’t let it stand.

Heat  the Oil slowly in a saucepan.  Prepare the Prawns, dip in the Batter and fry them in the hot Oil.  Drain on a paper and place on top of a bowl of Soba Noodles, then pour Soba Sauce over the Noodles, garnish with cut-up Long Onions, placing the fried Prawn on top.  This can be served cold, but is very good when served hot. Adapted from Joan Itoh.


Soba Buckwheat

Soba Buckwheat Noodles


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