How to cook Asian dishes with Watercress


Watercress is a fast-growing perennial vegetable native to Europe and Asia.

It is one of the oldest known left vegetables to be eaten.  In Europe and North America , Watercress is a minor vegetable, appearing in salads and sometimes soups and sandwiches. In many of the cuisines of the Pacific Rim, it is a major cook’s stand-by, and is commonly cooked. It appears stir-fried, and as an ingredient in soups, salads and many other guises.

Nutritionally, Watercress is low in calories, and contains significant amounts of iron, calcium, iodine and folic acid as well as Vitamins A and C.

Traditionally, in Europe, Watercress was considered to be a remedy for scurvy, and to have cancer-fighting properties.

Watercress seems to have an affinity for Bean Curd, and can appear solo, as Stir-Fried Watercress, made without Soy Sauce, and Stir-Fried Watercress with Soy Sauce.

Watercress is also easily grown at home, either completely in water, or in very damp soil.


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