Wheat Noodles with Sansho 山椒

Using Japanese Pepper/Sansho 山椒
Enhances Natural Flavor of Noodles

Cooking with Japanese Pepper, Sansho

Japanese Pepper/Sansho
The Electric Sp,ice

Here’s an easy  recipe for using Japanese Pepper or Sansho 山椒 in cooking Noodles.

It uses the special properties of Sansho to intensify the natural flavor of the Noodles without adding Salt or Sodium.

This recipe shows how Japanese cuisine is using Sansho as a flavor enhancer. See also the recipe for All-Purpose Hot Sauce, made using Sansho.

Simple Mixed Wheat Noodles with Sansho 山椒



How to cook with Chinese style Wheat Noodles

Chinese Wheat Noodles

1 bunch Chinese Wheat Noodles
1 tablespoon Oyster Sauce
Pinch Sugar
1 teaspoon Vegetable Oil
¼ teaspoon Sansho, preferably freshly ground


First, boil the Noodles in the usual way and drain. Then mix together the Oyster Sauce, Sugar Oil and Sansho and use to dress the Noodles.  Mix well and serve.

Japan - Noh Mask


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